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SEEDS - Tomato, Black Krim

Black Krim Tomato SEEDS: Solanum lycopersicum

Description: Bold, smoky flavor, meaty texture, and a beefsteak-like shape. The 8-16 oz. tomatoes are deep brown/red and have brown/green shoulders. Black Krims are ripe and delicious when they are half green and still firm.

For eating, seed in flats indoors in spring. Transplant outside in early June when the ground has warmed. Plant 1.5’ apart in rows 5’ apart. Tomato plants will require caging or trellising.

For seed saving, start as above. To save seed, a minimum population of 25 plants is suggested, and they should be planted 50’ from other tomato varieties. Trellis or stake tomatoes to prevent fruit from rotting. Harvest seeds from fully mature fruits. Allow seeds to ferment in water for a few days, scrape off mold, rinse seeds, and allow them to dry fully before storing.

Spacing: 18-24 in Planting date: early June Hardiness: very tender

We are offering these PFP-grown seeds on a sliding scale to make the pricing fair and accessible to all, particularly low income and BIPOC community members who are affected by food apartheid in our city. Please select the highest price you can afford considering your income and assets and limit your purchase to just what you need. 

This fair pricing system allows access to seeds and fresh food to low-income, elderly, disabled, people of color, and neighbors from other marginalized and oppressed groups, recognizing that they have historically been under-resourced and under-represented in access to land and healthy food. By choosing a higher amount you will support our food justice mission, help us remove economic barriers for neighbors, and provide seed education and access.

PFP Seeds are grown as part of our youth programs to teach about and support food sovereignty in Poughkeepsie - increasing community food production and food access. We grow heirloom seeds that can be saved by home gardeners for future seasons so people can grow and share the resources they need to continue feeding themselves and the community.

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