2024 Staff Berry Share (Prorated for 8 weeks)

3 QUARTS of Berries every week for 10 weeks! See standard product on PFPFarmStore.com for details on dates etc. 

Berry lovers, get your fix! These berries are picked the day you get them at Greig Farm, a third generation family farm. Greig Farm is committed to stewarding a healthy farm ecosystem. They do not spray pesticides or herbicides on their berries and are committed to minimizing or eliminating the use of inorganic inputs in the near future.

Pick up a VERY generous portion (3 quarts!) of strawberries, blackberries and blueberries for 10 weeks, beginning on your first pick-up day in June through mid-August!

$220 for 10 weeks ($22/week)-Prorated for 8 weeks

Can them, freeze them for year-round enjoyment, or eat fistfuls of juicy berries on your way home from distribution!

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