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From North River Roasters:

ASOCANAFI is located in the municipality of Planadas in the southern part of the State of Tolima. The municipality borders on the west with the Estate of Cauca and on the South with the Estate of Huila. ASOCANAFI is composed of 480 hectares, of which 347 are dedicated to coffee production. Coffee is depulped with a traditional depulper and zaranda (a mesh screen used after depulping to separate low-quality beans), fermented dry, and dried in parabolic dryers and casas elba (a sun dryer with retractable roof, normally built on top of the producer’s house or on a separate lot) for eight to ten days. ASOCANAFI consists mostly of indigenous coffee-growing families (from the native group Nasa We’sx), averaging three to four members and 50 years of coffee-growing experience apiece.

Elevation: 1620 to 2000 meters 

Varietals: Colombia, Typica, Castillo, Caturra

Tasting notes: Brown sugar, milk chocolate, tangerine

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