Sponsored CSA Share: Contribution

Sponsored Share is a pay-what-you-can CSA share, and an important component of making the vegetables we grow accessible for all. As a Sponsored Share member, you may elect to make the contribution that feels feasible for you based on your income and personal circumstances. 

Prior to making a contribution here, you should have (1) filled out the SNAP & Sponsored Share application form and (2) purchased an annual membership for either a whole share or a half share Sponsored CSA. 

To make your contribution up front using a credit card: 

  • select the amount you would like to contribute from the options below.
  • checkout using the same name and email address used to fill out the application form and to purchase your membership, so we may link this contribution to your account. 

If you would prefer to make your contribution weekly or monthly, you may do so in cash or check at your chosen distribution time & location. 

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