Teen & Adult Lactofermentation Workshop

Date/Time: Sat February 4th 12:30-2pm

Location: Vassar Barns, 51 Vassar Farm Lane Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 

Join chef-in-residence, SonyaJoy Key for a hands-on experiential workshop in establishing and supporting lacto-fermented vegetables including sauerkraut, kim chee and kvass.  Ferments will include DYI preparations that require minimal materials including a scale and glass jars.  Ceramic options will be included as well.  

Market Value for this class is $25.  Paying at the rate that is correct for your income is important!  Class prices are meant to cover the labor and supplies and allow for inclusion of folks from all backgrounds.

You are encouraged to pay a higher tier on the sliding scale if you are someone who has a college degree, owns a home or travels recreationally.  Please consider paying a lower tier on the sliding scale if you live check-to-check or high school/GED equivalent is your highest level of education.  

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