Sliding Scale & Payment Plans

It is core to our mission to offer affordable access to nutritious, locally sourced produce to as many people in our community as possible. Read on to learn more about the different options we offer to make our produce shares more accessible.

Sliding-Scale Pricing

We offer Sliding Scale discounts of 5-20% off during check out. These are for CSA members whose financial circumstances would prohibit their participation in CSA. (For instance, members who may be supporting children, struggling to maintain access to healthcare or housing, or navigating significant debt.) We ask you to practice mindfulness as you choose your share, as this supports our efforts to ensure an equitable and accessible experience for all.

If discounts up to 20% still do not bring our CSA shares within reach for your family, please see CSA is a SNAP & Sponsored Share below to learn more about alternatives that offer smaller weekly payments.

Payment Plans

CSA Members who register for the 2024 season during the Winter of 2023-2024 are able to pay on a 3 Part Payment Plan. Payments are due on the schedule listed below, and must be paid prior to the season's beginning in June. 

Payment options:

To use our payment plan options, please use the discount code 2024 at check out. Payment Plan discount codes will be available through February 15, 2024.

Payment Due Dates:

  • 1st Payment (50% of total purchase) - Due at time of purchase
  • Suggested 2nd Payment (25% of purchase) - Due January 15, 2024
  • Final Payment (Remaining 25% of purchase) - Due March 15, 2024

We will follow up with you at the time of the next payment due dates to remind you to make the additional payments for your order.

Work Exchange Share

We offer both Full Season (June-November) and Fall Season (September-November) shares with a work exchange option. 

Here are the workshare options we are offering for 2024, and the number of hours expected for each. All workshares are available for purchase on our Browse CSA Shares page.

CSA Share

# of workshare hours expected


 2024 CSA: Half Workshare, June - November (23 weeks)

6 hours from May - Oct

$545 (Original price: $620)

2024 CSA: Whole Workshare, June - November (23 weeks)

9 hours from May - Oct

$900 (Original price: $1040)

2024 CSA: Half Workshare, September - November (10 weeks)

3 hours from Aug - Oct

$264 (Original price: $300)

2024 CSA: Whole Workshare, September - November (10 weeks)

6 hours from Aug - Oct $433 (Original price: $505)

Pay by Check

Purchases for CSA shares can be purchased using either card or check. We will remove the credit card and processing fees (these fees are charged to PFP when members pay by card, this fee is to offset our cost) from your order if you pay by check.
To pay by check, please select "Pay By Check" under the section where the page is prompting you to put in credit card information. You will not be prompted to put in payment information if you do this.
If paying by check, please deduct any credit card or processing fees that may have been included in your order. Mail checks to:
Poughkeepsie Farm Project or "PFP"
PO Box 3143
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Selecting to Pay by Check or Use Discount Code at Check Out

CSA is a SNAP & Sponsored Share


We offer discounted CSA shares of farm produce to low-income families who want to be a part of a community supporting local agriculture. Both of the programs below refer to full-season (23 week) shares, which begin the first week of June. We serve 120+ individuals in our community with sponsored shares annually. 

Whether you are participating in CSA is a SNAP or our Sponsored Share program, you are welcome to pick up your share either at PFP (51 Vassar Farm Lane)

CSA is a SNAP is a program that offers a 50% discount to members purchasing a share using SNAP/EBT. This program allows members paying with SNAP/EBT to do so on a weekly basis, when picking up their share. CSA is a SNAP is a collaboration with the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition

Sponsored Shares are available to low-income families on a pay-what-you-can basis. This program uses support from funders to make shares available to a limited number of low-income families. Sponsored Share members pay as they can, when they can, and only if they can. Apply to this program here. If you are interested in donating to our Sponsor Share program please join our Annual Giving Circle 

How to Apply to receive a Sponsored Share or CSA is a SNAP: Please fill out this interest form. Once you fill out an interest form, we will follow up with you to confirm that you are in the program. We will send you a link to a product on our online store where you can purchase a $5 SNAP or Sponsored Share membership. 

Thank you so much for choosing to become a sharemember with us! Please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions or have any difficulty with this process.